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Advisory Board

  • Richard G. Hatcher, Founder & President
  • Lamar Taylor, Secretary
  • Dorothy Leavell
  • Jesse Jackson, Sr.
  • Vernon Jordan
  • Dick Gregory


Executive Committee

  • Lamar Taylor, Board Member & Executive Committee Chairman
  • Ron Matlock
  • Ardell Hanley
  • Virgie Thornton
  • Margie Davis
  • Lena Smith
  • Angela Theus
  • Frank Shelton
  • Ann West Walker

Upcoming Events

2016 National Black Political Convention
June 9-12, 2016

50th Anniversary Honorning Mayor Richard Gordon Hatcher
November 4, 2017

Our Vision and Purpose

The National Civil Rights Institute & Hall of Fame, Inc. will provide America with a highly visible focal point where adults and all of the Nation's children, black, white and all shades in between, can learn of the sacrifices made to open the doors of opportunity for all citizens of the United States.

The American Civil Rights Movement is responsible for state, local and national laws and court decisions which mandate fair treatment and equal opportunity in public accommodations, employment, voting, housing and education. This Movement continues to open doors and makes it possible for people of color, women, older Americans and the disabled to move into widespread areas of the American society.

Many of the artifacts, documents and memorabilia associated with and depicting this great sweep of American history are in danger of being lost, destroyed or discarded with each passing day. The National Civil Rights Hall of Fame is created to preserve and promote this rich historical legacy for future generations.

The campaign to build the National Civil Rights Institute & Hall of Fame in Gary, IN began many years ago under the esteemed leadership of Bishop Andrew Grutka of the Gary Diocese, and the renowned educator, H. Theodore Tatum, Principal of Roosevelt High School. Both of these great citizens of the region have passed on, however, many others continue the effort to finish their work. Learn More

National Civil Rights Institute & Hall of Fame, Inc.

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